Cape Cod Artist Russell Vujs is a "Signature Member"of the American Society of Marine Artist.  His work has appeared in many national, regional and local publications such as "American Art Collector" and "Cape Cod Life."

Russell was also showcased in an eleven-page feature article within "American Artist's summer, 2009 edition of "Workshop Magazine."

After graduating with honors from the Connecticut Institute of Art in 1991, Russell pursued a career in commercial art.  Yet, he yearned to return to his first love; oil painting...and never looked back.  From that moment, Russell became more recognized and acclaimed locally and nationally.  He won his first award, the 'Presidents Choice Award" from the Greenwich Art Society in Greenwich Connecticut and his first solo exhibition from the Stamford Art Association in Stamford Connecticut while still attending art school.  He was also hired by the Double Diamond Corporation to produce a series of instructional videos on the proper techniques of water color, pen and ink drawing, and airbrush painting.  these videos ares till used as references in collage libraries nationwide.  Russell has taught sold-out classes and workshops for the American Society of Marine Artist, Cape Cod Art Association, the Cultural Center of Cape Cod and Many others.  He continues to provide demonstrations and workshops for various organizations.  His unique sense of humor and ability to convey various concepts in a simple format has made him extremely popular as a teacher and demonstrator.

​Russell's primary philosophy is predicated upon a profound proclivity toward plein-air painting.  "to truly capture the natural wold, you must experience it first-hand.  The beauty and wonder of nature...with its ever-changing essences, provides the greatest education for artist who are enthralled with capturing a moment in time.  I cherish these endless opportunities to capture a moment of time and truly learn and understand the natural sense of light."  indeed the secret of Russell's success is found in the lessons he has learned and insight he has gained from plein-air painting.  His primary insight is to capture the natural essence of light and convey it in a structured studio environment. The effect is to create a painting that goes beyond mere composition and design.

Russell's collectors cherish his unique style and send their pieces throughout the world.  Once hooked, they usually purchase many more.  It is simply not enough to only own one!

"The plein-air painting that i recently purchased from Russell is the most talked about piece in my collection!  Although I own more expensive artwork, nothing compares with the beauty and serenity he succinctly captured in my painting "Bass River Garden."  Everyone wants to know who the artist is and what I paid for it!  You can be sure that I will be purchasing more of his work to enhance my overall collection.  I also expect many of my friends to be purchasing his work."

Henry Evans

ALM, Harvard University, '99



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